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What are some careers that are family-oriented?

Asked Houston, Texas

Would love to have a job that still allows time to spend with my family. Are there any maybe underrated professions that would allow you to do so? #career #career-counseling #career-choice #profession #job-coaching #job-searching #career-path #career-decisions

2 answers

Marilyn’s Answer

Updated Humble, Texas


As far as family-centered careers are concerned, you might want to look at the education field, or preschool education or a career that would let you work flexible hours or from home part of the time. I worked in education as a teacher, counselor and administrator, and when my child was young, I did tutoring and then worked as a substitute teacher one or two days a week. My work now as an artist and owning a small company allows me to work at home, even though my children are now grown. Education also frees you up in summers and during school breaks for vacations with your kids. Best of luck!

Marilyn Lowry

Thank you very much for your advice!

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

Many careers have positions where you can work from home and/or flexible hours.  Even if that isn't identified in a job posting, you can always ask about it.  Keep in mind that for your family to be happy, you also need to enjoy what you are doing.  Apply for something you would really like to do and perhaps the details of your schedule will work for you and your family.