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How can I stop regretting about what I didn't do?

Everyday, I always think about the past and how did not take advantage of opportunities. For example, I could have joined NHS but did not, even though I like helping others. Also, I am on the swim team, and there is an opportunity where you can coach the little kids, but I did not do that either.

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If it's in the past, you let it go by learning from it, and making future decisions accordingly. Analyze why you wish you had done it, what appealed to you about it, and what stopped you from doing it. Find other places where you can do things for others, and seek out the opportunity to volunteer. It does not have to be the super popular places. Some places don't get many volunteers. Find the ones where you think you can fit in, and ask them how you can help. You'd be surprised by how happy they are to have you!

In all honesty, there are things I still regret not doing, 35 years ago. I still think about them. But, I think the lesson learned by missing out on those opportunities made me a better person, because I stopped looking for excuses to say "no," and started doing what I knew I should have been doing all along!

Best of luck!


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