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Should I create a LinkedIn profile to help find a job?


I am a highschool student seeking a summer job, but I have little work experience. I want to increase my profile in the "work world". Is LinkedIn a good place to start? #job-coaching #first-job #linkedin #linkedin-recruiter

4 answers

Carmen’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

If you put some effort into your profile, it can be a useful tool. You will have to apply to jobs for the quickest result; it doesn't replace doing that. If there is a place you'd like to work, you can search the company on LinkedIn, see what type of experience they have and connect with them.

It's smart to think about this now. I wish I had started my LinkedIn profile before I was in college because I met so many interesting professionals who could have helped me after I graduated.

Thank you so much Ms. Merrill! I will start to build a profile. Can't wait to connect with people on the site!

Wilfred’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Where I think LinkedIn is helpful is by creating a network. If you maintain your profile/work experience and let it be known that you are seeking work experience then your network can help you find those opportunities.

Thank you Mr. Beijers. I will start building a profile on LinkedIn!

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

Yes creating a profile broadens your contacts.  In addition to LinkedIn, be sure you let your friends and other social contacts know that you are available and flexible.

All the best!

Christy’s Answer

Updated Carmel, Indiana

I'm going to assume you are a junior. And yes. Make sure you include the key elements which include the headline / be creative, and summary - talk about who you are as a student and what you are passionate about. Include what type of jobs you would be interested based on your attributes - where you excel. And then include community work or extra curricular activities. Then include your LinkedIn account on your job applications. That will set you a part from other candidates. This is something you can then include on your college applications. You are definitely on the right track asking this question!!!! Go get um'!!