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Alandria ’s Avatar
Alandria May 22, 2016 1310 views

Do you feel as though money is the motive when choosing a career?

A lot of my friends talk about how much money their going to make with their careers, but I don't necessarily care about money. #money #career-path

Keiyonna’s Avatar
Keiyonna May 26, 2016 995 views

Is it normal to change your career choice throughout college?

I'm asking because I feel like I'll end up changing my career path if Im not motivated or enjoying my path enough. I would like to hear words from others to get an insight of what its really like in college. #college #career-choice

Kenesha’s Avatar
Kenesha May 18, 2016 1460 views

How did you know or find the right career for you?

I am asking because I am stumped about what I want to in my post-secondary education. #college #college-major #career-choice #career-path

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 12, 2017 1944 views

If I were to add CareerVillage to my resume under volunteer work, what would I say?

Is it acceptable to add CareerVillage to my resume? If so, how exactly would I describe the job? #resume #resume-writing #job-application

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 21, 2017 923 views

What are methods to changing careers smoothly?

I am an undergrad and a senior getting my bachelor's of social science. I have worked in the insurance industry for two years, but left my last job to focus on my schooling and relocate to the state that I want to go to grad school in. I want to transition into the health & human services...

Olivea’s Avatar
Olivea Feb 12, 2017 1325 views

Should I create a LinkedIn profile to help find a job?

I am a highschool student seeking a summer job, but I have little work experience. I want to increase my profile in the "work world". Is LinkedIn a good place to start? #job-coaching #first-job #linkedin #linkedin-recruiter

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Dec 17, 2016 7569 views

Can someone proofread my college transfer essay?

Essay prompt: Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words) I have always challenged myself academically, I have taken advanced...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Feb 03, 2017 1072 views

What is more important in the workforce emotional intelligence or academic intelligence?

I am junior in Queens college #career #psychology #career-path

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Dec 29, 2016 2086 views

Am I supposed to change my resume depending on the job I am applying to or is it better to be consistent in my applications?

I am currently working really hard on my resume! I have taken it to workshops on my college campus and formatted it into many drafts. I am wondering if I should be changing it, what it says, or the way it is formatted slightly for each job based off of the context of the job I am applying to....

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jan 29, 2017 1131 views

What matters more when it comes to applying to graduate school, the number of class you have taken or experience?

I am a Junior at Queens College #career #career-counseling #marketing #career-path #career-development

William’s Avatar
William Oct 23, 2016 1094 views

How often did you change your major and at what point did you recognize the direction you wanted to go

I am undecided as to a major which puts a lot of pressure on me to make a choice. I don't like change so making a choice will most likely define my path which is frightening. I have watched my dad work in a profession that he felt trapped in and I don't want that to be my future. #career...

Kartik’s Avatar
Kartik Aug 30, 2016 1074 views

Does volunteering in non-technical events help building up profile for student in Information Systems, Business Analysis track?

I am doing the same, as mentioned in the question. #career #career-counseling #career-choice #career-paths #business-analysis

Laurenne’s Avatar
Laurenne May 05, 2016 950 views

What set you apart from the rest of other students in college that got you accepted into college?

I am sending out college applications. #college

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn May 17, 2016 1752 views

Is it necessary to go on a college visit to decide on a college? How do college visits factor in making this decision?\

I would like to go to college out of state and it would be difficult to visit the colleges I am considering. #college #counseling

RonDasha’s Avatar
RonDasha Jan 21, 2017 1015 views

What is the most important thing to maintain in college?

I am asking this question because I do not want to mess up in college #college #college-major #college-admissions #college-bound #college-recruiting