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Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 710 views

Do job recruiters actually contact all the references I give them?

I have had many small jobs over the summer, including lifeguarding and camp counselor. Many of my bosses in those jobs probably would not have much to say about me and I think that some of my professors at school or my swim coach would be better references. But they are not my boss and I have...

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Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 1512 views

Am I supposed to change my resume depending on the job I am applying to or is it better to be consistent in my applications?

I am currently working really hard on my resume! I have taken it to workshops on my college campus and formatted it into many drafts. I am wondering if I should be changing it, what it says, or the way it is formatted slightly for each job based off of the context of the job I am applying to....


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Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 729 views

Whats better- getting more sleep before your test or staying up all night studying?

I am a student athlete and often crunched for time when it comes to studying! I am usually very tired and opt for sleeping before the test but I always wonder if I should use those six hours of sleep to study more. college school time-management work-life-balance planning studying time...


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Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 1021 views

Whats the best way to find internships that help with post-college future jobs?

I am currently a junior in college and its time to get a REAL internship this summer, if you know what I mean. I was abroad this past fall semester and now its time to figure out how to get a job for the summer that will put my studies into action. career-counseling internships...

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