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Career Questions tagged Reference

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Mar 03, 2019 367 views

How to ask your current boss for a reference?

What should I say in the email? or should I talk to my current supervisor directly? I want to apply for a full-time job and I want to be prepared (in case they want me to provide 2 ~ 3 most recent references). And my current position is a part-time position and I do have good relationship...

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Stephanie S.’s Avatar
Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 725 views

Do job recruiters actually contact all the references I give them?

I have had many small jobs over the summer, including lifeguarding and camp counselor. Many of my bosses in those jobs probably would not have much to say about me and I think that some of my professors at school or my swim coach would be better references. But they are not my boss and I have...

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