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Carmel, Indiana

Within 40 mile radius
amelia’s Avatar
amelia yesterday 203 views

As a non reilgous person, could a reilgous school work for me if it checks a lot of boxes?

Hi, I am currently sliming down my college choices as I get close to my senior year. I want to be a zoo keeper and Friends University looks really good. It is affordable with the midwest exchange program and it has a great zoo science program. So has anyone gone to a chirstian school while not...

Cora’s Avatar
Cora Jun 03 352 views

As a 13 year old girl how can I make money?

I have babysat before but not much and people prefer to use my older sister not me anyways so what should I do?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby May 31 572 views

How did you know that the major you picked is something you will enjoy for the rest of your life?

I'm going to be a senior in the fall and I think I want to go to school for occupational therapy assistant, then go on to get my masters.

miranda’s Avatar
miranda May 22 221 views

Is there any Nurse Practitioner on here ?

I'm a student and have a few questions about Nurse Practitioner.

Josie’s Avatar
Josie May 16 249 views

What job would be good if looking to go back to school to become a PTA ?

I currently hold a bachelors degree in health and movement studies. I am looking to become a physical therapist assistant. I’ll need to go back to school for it, but currently I am in need for a job. What careers should i be looking at if PTA is what I want to do at the end of the road?

Nora’s Avatar
Nora Apr 24 283 views

Do you need to be a good artist to be a good fashion designer?

Hi! My name is Nora and I am a 7th grader. I want to become a fashion designer but I don't know how and I am very bad at drawing. Plus where do I even start with designing. Please help me.

Shay’s Avatar
Shay Apr 23 677 views

How can I start to get money ?

Hi I’m am a 13 year old I’m in the 8th grade , I started a cooking business it was going good but then some people that didn’t like me was going around telling people how bad my food is so I just wanted to know how can I start making money again so I can save up for my first call and so I can...

Rae’s Avatar
Rae Apr 16 353 views

What should I do? I know I want to go into nursing but should I continue and get a master's or just stick with a bachelor?

not available

Anie’s Avatar
Anie Apr 11 414 views

How to know what major to go in?

Hi, I'm Annie, and I’m looking for a way to know what career to choose after high school

Natasha’s Avatar
Natasha Apr 08 244 views

why people go to school?

maybe to gain skills

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Mar 30 243 views

What collage do i have to go to to become a vet?

I would like to be a vet because I love animals and want to be able to help them

molly’s Avatar
molly Mar 02 417 views

What am I to do to live the american dream?

what part of life should I focus on to maximize resource utility and better myself

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Feb 29 621 views

what should you expect after getting that certain job, like coding, engineering, software engineering and more. ?

what should you expect after getting that certain job, like coding, engineering, software engineering and more. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Teaghyn’s Avatar
Teaghyn Feb 22 288 views

how can I get a jod that is nice and quiet and safe?

I would love helping people or even making people happy, also I can git angre a lot but I cool down, but I am good with kids, and I try to be good to people .

Semilore’s Avatar
Semilore Feb 13 704 views

What is good gpa?

Any help would be usefull

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