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Does volunteering in non-technical events help building up profile for student in Information Systems, Business Analysis track?

I am doing the same, as mentioned in the question. career career-counseling career-choice career-paths business-analysis

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4 answers

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Kartik!

I am concerned that all three of your questions are based upon trying to "build something up" or "build up yourself" to impress someone, instead of doing something for what enjoyment you might get out of doing it or what you might learn about yourself and how you might relate to a career area. The whole purpose of participating in intern, coop, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities is to allow you to contribute with your time and energy and become more familiar with a career area or career opportunity. The purpose is not nor should it be to impress someone.

When I was in Human Relations I supervised intern students in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The ones who were most successful were the ones who were there to learn how they fit into that career area and that application of their specialty. They were honestly there to learn - not to impress someone. Those who were there with the superficial intent of impressing someone washed out quickly because their interest was only shallow.

Conversely, when I was doing college recruiting the most frustrating situation in which I found myself was when I recruited a graduate from a college campus who found that when on the job he/she did not like the job/career for which he/she had studied so hard. These people had not sufficiently explored the career area before making a decision. What I found was that looking for a career is like buying a pair of shoes. They may look nice, but you need to try them on and walk in them for a while to make sure that their fit and comfort level are proper.

Participating in career exploration opportunities is good only if you are doing it for the right reasons.

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Christy’s Answer

You should find things that you feel passionate about. Get involved in different areas as well as your desire field. Its important to show a diverse group of areas that displays your interests. You need to sit down and figure out what makes you happy and find a way to get involved. And finding an internship in your area is great too.

Wish you the best of luck!

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Marilyn’s Answer

Hi Karen,
I feel that volunteering helps, whatever the area. You will never know unless you participate how much networking you can do and how much you can learn from individuals who are in various areas of the work force. The job market remains varied, and you will probably hold many different jobs in your lifetime. Enjoy the variety and learn from all you do.
Best of luck,
Marilyn Balke-Lowry

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Aaron’s Answer

When I'm looking at hiring an entry-level analyst, I view volunteer work as an asset, because it shows the candidate is willing to donate their time and energy for a good cause. However, when I ask the candidate about the experience, it's very easy to tell who is passionate about volunteering and helping others, and who only did it so that it would show up on their profile. Obviously it can be a win-win situation, just make sure you're passionate and showing integrity in everything you do.