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How/ Who should I ask for references

I've been working at a retail store for 8 months, and I have several different store managers already.

Which store managers should I ask for references? (store managers are constantly reassigned to different branches so I only work with each for roughly 2 months)


Hi, Cindy! I’m glad you asked. Everyone provided some great advice. I’d add: 1. Consider as many of your managers you can 2. Let them know you’d like to continue growing in your career and you thought they’d be a great reference (setting the stage so to speak) 3. Ask if they would write a GREAT reference letter for you (You want to make sure the letter is a good one, not just a standard one.) Hope this helps you on your career journey, Cindy! Hope LeNoir

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4 answers

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Simon’s Answer

Carole did a good job of answering this. I few good relevant and specific references are better than many general references. You only have a few seconds to attact a potential employer’s attention during the first round of resume reviews. Good luck.

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Carole’s Answer

For References: You should have for references from the manager in which you have done the most work for and has complimented you on something that you accomplished that was a plus for the company and made the company look good. If that manager say yes, then you politely ask him/her for a reference letter in case the interviewers want to have it in writing. It is always a good idea to have a couple of reference letters to bring to your interview. If you want you could ask another manage for one also especially if you did different jobs for the second manager. That way when you give the reference letters to the interviewer, that interviewer gets an all around look at the skill that you have.

References are important to have, but not all companies ask for them. It is also very important that you leave this company on good terms so that if they are call about you the report will be good and they will say all the nice things about you.

I wish you the best!! and if you have any other questions on this or other items please let me know!!

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Cherelle’s Answer

It is best to request a reference from managers whom you have built a great rapport with and have shown excellence work ethic to, even to the point of receiving praise. It is also best to select managers who support your personal growth and advancement careerwise and do not only consider how you will benefit your current employer. Best of luck!

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Karen’s Answer

Choose the manager you would most like to clone and then in addition ask others in various professions if they would be willing to be a reference for you.  Initially you just need to be prepared with names and contact info.  Consider sport team managers or band leaders, school teachers, etc. wherever you have performed well.  Good to have a mix of references.