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Daniel Mentado

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Trussville, Alabama
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Leion Jun 25, 2016 1113 views

career advice

should networking students pursue a degree or career in computer science? #new #new-york #electric #south

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Allyson Dec 05, 2019 685 views

If I usually have all A's and B's with an average gpa of 3.8 and I am for any job with an office, what job do you recommend?

#job #job-search #career #curious #young #help

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Julius Aug 23, 2023 431 views

What would be a good pathway for someone that doesn't? know what they want to do

i have no clue what i want to do in life

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Sherley Aug 10, 2023 1088 views

What can I do at 16 to get started into real estate ?

Hi my name is Sherley. I am 16 year old . I am really interested in real estate but I don’t know where to start .

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Kamaria Aug 12, 2023 357 views

How to start my business?

I want to learn how to run and start business

C’s Avatar
C Feb 01, 2018 1101 views

How/ Who should I ask for references

I've been working at a retail store for 8 months, and I have several different store managers already. Which store managers should I ask for references? (store managers are constantly reassigned to different branches so I only work with each for roughly 2 months) #career-counseling...

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amy Apr 08, 2022 400 views

how can i do a career in cutting men's hair?

i want to be a men's hair cutter because it is so nice and fresh for me about just the thought of cutting specifically mens hair because their is already a lot of people who cut women's hair who are mostly womens who cut hair and in the men's industry it is just men who cut hair and i would...

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Jane Sep 09, 2020 1634 views

What is it like to be a woman in engineering?

#engineers #biomedical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #career-counseling #women #stem #technology #college #engineering #chemical-engineering #women-in-stem #stemcareers #women-in-tech

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Jianna Feb 14, 2023 1148 views

What is good jobs to get experince in sales?

As a highschool / college student what can I do for work to start gaining experince in sales? Is there anything that is more valuable to spend my time on?