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Hollie C. Aug 11, 2016 877 views

What are some pitfalls or things that I should be aware of/avoid during an interview session?

I am a fresh graduate and I don't have much interview experiences. I would like to know what are something that I should avoid saying/focused on, as well as what are some common pitfalls that I should be aware of in an interviews. Thanks! #interviews #interviewing-skills...


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Leion E. Sep 24, 2016 1649 views
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Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 1218 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve. #interview-preparation #job-interview #interview #interviews #interviewing #job-interview...