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Shelby G. May 09, 2016 619 views

What is the best undergraduate degree for someone seeking a career in law?

I wnat to be a lawyer and i am wondering what major i should get as my undergraduate bachelor degree that would best set me up for a law career #college #business #lawyer #business-administration #graduate #experience...


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Shaila O. Mar 16, 2018 237 views

What is the most important step to take to prepare for college?

I'm a high school Senior (Home Schooled) and the nest step after graduation is college. I have a few side jobs right now like babysitting and cleaning our local church once a week, but it doesn't pay enough for college. Should I be focusing on money right now? Or should I be focusing more on...

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Argelia M. Apr 13, 2018 347 views

How can I get better assistance in pursing my career?

I often tend to get distracted, my memory fails me at random times and I forget deadlines and programs that I should be applying to. Got any tips? Any people or specific questions I should be asking. I am a clean slate. #lost #oops #medicine #deadlines #questions #helpmeplease #helpme...

#idontknowwhattodo #wheredoistart

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Ariana M. Apr 16, 2018 773 views

Tips for candidates new to the interviewing process

What are some tips or pointers for people who are looking for their first jobs(s). How do I stand out while having no experience or professional qualifications? #interviews #interview #interviewing-skills #professionalism #new-hires...

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Crystal W. May 07, 2018 250 views

How to choose what area of specialty for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner?

I will be attending school in the fall for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The question I commonly keep getting asked is where I want to work with that degree. I find myself saying I don't know a lot and expressing that I hope it's like nursing school where I just kind of find out along the...

#acute-care #nurse-practitioner #hospital-and-healthcare #medicine #healthcare

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Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 752 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve. #interview-preparation #job-interview #interview #interviews #interviewing #job-interview...


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Emmanuel R. May 28, 2019 149 views
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Omar C. Aug 01, 2019 170 views

1. What do you like about your career?

Learning about computer technology in Job Corps in San Jose, CA, U.S.A. #computer #technology...


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Lorena L. Aug 05, 2019 111 views

What are some technological tools i should be familiar with?

I am a student currently enrolled in Job Corps taking Office Administration classes. #student...


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kevin C. Aug 23, 2019 55 views

do welders work alot

i'm very friendship...


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