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Career Questions tagged Deadlines

Argelia’s Avatar
Argelia Apr 13, 2018 767 views

How can I get better assistance in pursing my career?

I often tend to get distracted, my memory fails me at random times and I forget deadlines and programs that I should be applying to. Got any tips? Any people or specific questions I should be asking. I am a clean slate. #lost #oops #medicine #deadlines #questions #helpmeplease #helpme...

Kasey’s Avatar
Kasey Mar 12, 2018 398 views

When should I accept an acceptance letter?

I have acceptance letters from a few colleges, but I am not completely sure which I should accept. All of them have difference enrollment dates. When is a good deadline to decide by?
#college #college-admissions #deadlines

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Mar 27, 2017 621 views

How incredibly important is it to do your FAFSA before the deadline? Is a week too late?

How long is too long to wait before the deadline? #financial-aid #deadlines