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Jenni W. Sep 07, 2016 1439 views

When is the best time to start looking for jobs for after graduation?

I am a senior in college, graduating in May. I have begun looking for jobs, but many of my peers have not. I would like to know if I am wasting my time right now, or if I should have started searching sooner. college jobs graduate job-search...


Yomaris E.’s Avatar
Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 1808 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve. interview-preparation job-interview interview interviews interviewing job-interview...


Kenth M.’s Avatar
Kenth M. Mar 10, 2021 211 views

What are the things I can do to get my art recognized?

I started drawing art digitally and posting it on Social Media and stuff, and the recognition I get is still nothing, Is there a way to gain recognition or am I just too impatient? arts social-media art...


JWILLY H.’s Avatar
JWILLY H. Mar 18, 2021 232 views

Would you say that trying to figure out what career you want to pursue when your young is helpful later in life

I am a middle school student who wants to know if thinking about your career when your young is good or if you should wait to worry about careers and jobs until later in life. career future career-path...


Beatriz L.’s Avatar
Beatriz L. Mar 21, 2021 186 views

Where’s the people who need us?

I’m a psychology estudant who adore help people. I think s necessary be available with our society. society...


ritvik K.’s Avatar
ritvik K. Mar 22, 2021 703 views

describe yourself for an interview

i am in collage and year company come in my collage for placement .and its common question in interview ,so please you help me to how to describe my in front of an stranger...


Trishia C.’s Avatar
Trishia C. Mar 29, 2021 151 views

What online part time job is suitable for me while having my online class?

I am a gr11 student and been part of the public speaking club of our department way back junior high school for 3 years. I have patience, good at communicating and sociable. high-school-students...


Hailey M.’s Avatar
Hailey M. Mar 30, 2021 195 views

What's a positive you've gotten out of the pandemic?

I am in college at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I play college basketball so that's a great outlet, but as a social person this pandemic has been extremely hard for me....


Waqas A.’s Avatar
Waqas A. Mar 30, 2021 6225 views

I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me but I need your opinion

I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me i need your opinion i can explain & start to introduce my self means my name...

business career

Joseph J.’s Avatar
Joseph J. Mar 31, 2021 227 views

I am wondering what kinds of jobs I can get with a major in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Physics.

I am a junior in college and am trying to find jobs to build up my experience for a finding a job in my field. I am currently enrolled to take accounting classes next semester but, I am not sure that is the correct step to take....


Mickee L.’s Avatar
Mickee L. Apr 01, 2021 172 views

What job can I do or what kind of business can I start as a student?

I'm Mickee and I am 20 years old. I'm in 1st year of college under the course of Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering. I wanna earn some of my own money to help my parent financially. I am fluent in English and I know my ways in technology. I am also computer literate. jobs help salary...