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Nino’s Avatar
Nino Apr 15, 2021 370 views

What are some of the biggest mistakes you made trying to get into your career?

#mistakes #learningexperience

Phuong’s Avatar
Phuong Apr 14, 2021 731 views

How to explore multiple careers before committing?

Similar to college majors, are there ways to explore your options before committing to one? What's the best way to do that? #communications

tanishka’s Avatar
tanishka Apr 10, 2021 600 views

how will i know what i want to become

i am student of class 10th. neither too good nor too bad in studies. i haven't choose till know what i want to become. all of my family members are asking me what i want to become , bit still i don't know.. i think i can take commerce in 11th. i can say that i am a good speaker, listener, and...

candice’s Avatar
candice Apr 07, 2021 940 views

can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. #career #business #fun #sonogram #artist #fashion...

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 13, 2021 522 views

Does going to certain universities affect your career path?

I don't know which college I want to go to. I am a junior in high school and don't have any college I really want or need to go to.
#high-school #college

Shi’s Avatar
Shi Apr 13, 2021 460 views

How should I organize my time as a junior in high school? Should I be actively trying to intern at different places?

I am a junior in high school and do not participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. #high-school #high-school-students #internships

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 12, 2021 490 views

What's the most important thing to focus on when starting your career?

I'm passionate about computers, hoping to build one of my own as well as using it to its #career-counseling #career-path best potential, like using it for editing and recording. #career

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 12, 2021 1149 views

Is it important to care about salary this early on in your career?

Even though it's good to do something you love to do as a job, but what if you're being underpaid or not being paid at all for what you do as a living? #career #salary #career-choice #jobs

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 12, 2021 598 views

What are some extracurricular activities I can do if I want to be a doctor and I live in the Philippines?

I'm a high school student. I want to be a doctor and I want extracurricular activities related to that. Currently, my extracurricular activities are all related to writing. I want to change that. Where I live, there aren't many opportunities. I'm open to volunteering online, joining research...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Apr 12, 2021 744 views

How can I become a homicide detective when I'm young?

#homicide-detective #police
Hi my name is Jessica and I want to become a homicide detective. My question is how can I develop my idea of becoming a homicide detective to actually becoming one, while I am still too young to study it? And what will I need to work on to develop my skills?

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 859 views

what can I be if I further my study in Environmental Science?

#environment #career

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 2387 views

how to write a great personal statement?

#writing #personalstatement

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 09, 2021 737 views

How do you find what you want to major in college?

I am a current senior and planning on attending college at UCSC and am registered as undeclared. #College

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Apr 09, 2021 705 views

In terms of business ownership, what are some skills that are commonly missed and should be adhered to for beginning and future entrepreneurs.

#entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #architect #architecturalfirm #learn I am currently a junior in high school, and plan on majoring and getting a degree in architecture. I also plan to own my own architectural firm someday and am all ears to tips as well as recommendations towards the success of...

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Apr 09, 2021 622 views

If I work at an ad agency, is there opportunity to create content or is it more about pushing out ads to various channels?

Just trying to get a sense for all the services being done within an ad agency. It seems like content creation would fall more into marketing, but I also get the sense that this is a quality of both careers. Thanks in advance for the help! #marketing #advertising #ad-agency #content-creation