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what can I be if I further my study in Environmental Science?

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4 answers

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Gary’s Answer

With a degree in environmental science, with an emphasis on the natural environment you might pursue work as a fish biologist. This includes government work, and working for an environmental consulting firm. As a fish biologist I have worked for a consulting company; tribal, federal, city, and state governments. My work has included managing fisheries, operating fish hatcheries, working on hydropower projects, working on water supply projects, wind power projects, pipeline projects, a Superfund site, and endangered species act regulation and implementation.
I hope that helps,
Gary Sprague

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Mark’s Answer

Hi ayuni!

Environmental science is a very broad field and provides a whole host of interesting opportunities. Some of the careers with an environmental science degree include environmental scientist, environmental engineer, and environmental lawyer. There are so many opportunities in environmental science that I think it is possible for you to not only find a career, but a great career. This is because along with a great job you will have something you can be passionate about. A career you have interest in and are passionate about makes all the difference in the world.

You can choose a specialization within environmental science, such as Marine Biologist or Oceanographer, which will help determine your career path.

Here's the list or Environmental Careers:
Agricultural Engineer
Marine Biologist
Molecular Biologist
Wildlife Biologist

You can start with this list by picking which careers you think you might be interested in and simply do further research.

I hope this helps!!

Mark recommends the following next steps:

Research and select a career to work toward

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Ayuni,
Environmental Science is a great major to pursue with increasing awareness towards environmental conservation.
Your knowledge on the science behind environment and eco system will be highly valued across industries.
If you are interested in academia, you can join universities that research on how governments across the world should contribute in ensure we are not over exploiting our planet.

A new niche that has been developing recently is called environmental investments in the finance industry,
A lot of investors are looking to invest into financial instruments that contribute to the sustainability development of the planet;
Your expertise in environmental science will be great to have to pursue a career in this field -
To quantify and verify how the money invested will be converted to actual environmental development.

You can also become a teacher to teach science to your next generation,
Or join non-profit organization in advocating the importance of environmental preservation.
There are vast opportunities with this specialty:)

Good luck!


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Hero’s Answer

Hey how are you, there is too many filed that you can work for private or public organizations or you can work as an environmental engineer , environmental manger ... there is too many good jobs for your degree... and i hope you get a really good job for yourself