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Are there jobs that benefit the environment where I can use art skills?

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Vivian,

I love that you're thinking not just about your future career, but the morality behind it too!

To answer your question, absolutely. I can think of at least a few options:

1. Work for a green company – There are many companies whose success aligns to the benefit of the environment. For example, the company I work for, VMware, is a company whose success means less computers running at data centers. There are other private companies, such as Tesla with electric vehicles and solar panels, NextEra Energy with wind and solar power, etc. All these companies need artists such as designers, photographers, and videographers to make everything from slide decks, to posters, to ads, to websites.

2. Work for the government – There are a few places where you can have a greater impact than by working in government, who governs how every citizen and company must behave. Given that, just like at the private companies, there are plenty of jobs that need art skills.

3. Work for a nonprofit – You can also work for a nonprofit that deals directly with the environment. And again, there are openings for similar jobs to the above.

I wish you the best of luck Vivian. I'm sure you'll find a job that works for your morals.


Congratulations on 115 answers helping students Dexter. This new success of yours is yet another milestone in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with many more successes. John Frick

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Gabriele’s Answer

Sure! One of the careers that you can start, leveraging on your art skills, is the UI and UX designer in IT companies.
The User Interface designer needs to produce visual artifacts of digital products interfaces, according to customer needs and requirements.
The UX designer is a step ahead because the role requires also to define the complete user experience of the customers using our products. So preliminary investigations and user testing are needed before starting designing the solution, usually following the guidelines of the Design Thinking framework.
Another completely different job is in the Digital marketing sector: web landing pages creation for customer acquisition, paper/digital marketing fliers and catalogs design, etc...

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Tony’s Answer

To piggy back off the earlier answer about CAD, architects are often expected to incorporate environment-friendly solutions in their designs. Many modern 3D tools have features for simulating things like lighting, wind analysis, etc... Becoming a proficient 3D artist who is knowledgeable in using these kinds of tools can open up a world for possibilities.

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Lynn’s Answer

The first answer I can thing of is that you could use art skills in a marketing department of an environmental company - creating artwork for advertising or brochures. There are a ton of companies that work in the environmental field - consultants, remediation companies, even construction firms that build green facilities

The second answer is non-profits. You could provide artwork for public outreach campaigns - posters, brochures, websites. In a smaller organization you might find yourself doing a lot of other things - administration, public speaking, fund raising - so you might discover some other skills you didn't know you had or wanted to have.

My third, and probably least interesting, is Computer Aided Drafting - not as interesting as creating your own art I guess. Many companies need people who can take information and turn it into construction drawings or environmental reports. Not glamorous work, but it's steady work.

I hope this helps a little. Good luck!

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Kristie’s Answer

Landscape Architecture would be a great opportunity for you. It uses art and design to protect and conserve the environment. There are lots of opportunities to work in private firms as well as in the government In premiere environmental agencies such as the National Park Service and the US Forest Service.

That's an excellent idea. Lynn Dewees