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Chris Q.

San Francisco, CA
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After High School, I want an Associate's Degree in Computer Science class at City College then transfer to SF State for a Bachelor's Degree.


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Chris Q. May 20 146 views

What other ways should I prepare to reach my career goals this summer?

I've already asked good questions, but what should be my other options for reaching towards my career goals this summer? careers...


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Chris Q. May 04 193 views

Is there anything you could do to advance your career while attending college?

Since I'm not just going to take Computer Science, I wonder what other classes I should take to help reach my career goals. career-counseling...


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Chris Q. Apr 22 262 views

Should you take a part time job while attending College?

I'm planning to take a part-time job in the summer but I'm wondering if I should continue to work during the first semester of collge. first-job...


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Chris Q. Apr 22 211 views

What should you do first while attending college for your career path?

After graduating high school, I'm going to City College as a good start for my career. But what should do first when you get to career college?...


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Chris Q. Apr 12 286 views

Is it important to care about salary this early on in your career?

Even though it's good to do something you love to do as a job, but what if you're being underpaid or not being paid at all for what you do as a living? career salary career-choice...


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Chris Q. Apr 12 211 views

What's the most important thing to focus on when starting your career?

I'm passionate about computers, hoping to build one of my own as well as using it to its career-counseling career-path best potential, like using it for editing and recording....