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What's the most important thing to focus on when starting your career?

I'm passionate about computers, hoping to build one of my own as well as using it to its #career-counseling #career-path best potential, like using it for editing and recording. #career

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9 answers

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Krishna’s Answer

Hi Chris,

First of all, knowing what you like is the biggest step when starting your career. It seems to me that a career in computer science or electrical engineering could be very well-suited for you based on your interests. These are amazing fields to go into and especially important with the huge tech boom going on in the markets. Depending on your age, I recommend taking a couple of intro to computer science courses and seeing if that is something you are truly interested in. If it is interesting, try reaching out to people you may know through your network or college who work in this field to get a better understanding of it. Then, focus your time on getting an internship to get hands-on experience to see if these field is really suited for you.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Thank you very much! Chris Q.

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Tyler’s Answer

Focus on forming stability in your personal life. Managing life's complexities will grant you the ability to see situations more clearly. Having clarity will then empower you to take risks and focus on things you really care about. Some life-complexities that can hinder your ability to launch a career are: financial burdens, not having a stable living arrangement, bad physical and mental health, neglected social life, etc.

The more that you're able to get your ducks in a row in your personal life, the more you will set yourself up for success. Then, once you have built up that stability/maturity/responsibility, you can make those big decisions (e.g. to learn, to freelance, to put in hours at odd jobs, to chase the money, to network, to go back to school, to get certified, to stop everything and travel, etc.) more effectively and autonomously.

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Chris,
It is great that you discovered your passion in relation to computer at this age,
Finding what interests you is the first step in deciding your future career path,
So you can plan accordingly in what to study in your higher education,
And what certification you can attain to steer you closer to the desired career.

Focus on accumulating as much knowledge as you can in your interested field,
Study online courses and read reference books,
Spend extra effort beyond the classroom to be equipped with these knowledge.

Research for opportunities such as internship or job shadowing in your interested field,
Not only will you gain work experience, you can also understand how it would be like to work in the field full time in the future,
While making meaningful connections with people in the field.

Good luck!


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Taeyoun’s Answer

When you are starting your career, specially if you are young, I suggest you to explore many fields of study. Passion comes when you devote your time and effort into a specific field and become an expert. If you like computers, try building it or learn a programing language to see if it fits you. I suggest making a small game using unity (for programing) and building an voice recognition AI (like Jarvis for more engineering side) using ResberryPi (These are all budget options even teens can afford).

If you want to go into field computers, there are many concentrations including: Artificial intelligent (More Math intensive), Computer engineering (designing and making computer components like CPU), Software developers (more programming heavy like Java, JavaScript...), Game developers (Programming focus in C language)... etc. Trying these different fields from a young age will definitely help you to find your passion! Hope this helps!

Taeyoun recommends the following next steps:

Try and explore small projects

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Chris,
Great question. When just staring out I think it's important to focus on building connections, especially with those who are ranked higher than you or have more experience in the profession. They'll provide you with key insights and perspectives that will really go a long way in your professional and personal growth. I'd also recommend getting involved in organizations that you are passionate about early on whether that be professionally, in your community, or from a more societal standpoint. Time management is key as well. Learning how to manage the complexities of life and don't be afraid to take risks. Get out of your comfort zone, explore unfamiliar opportunities, and learn from feedback given.

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Zeeshan’s Answer

Hi Chris

As per your question

What's the most important step while starting a career ?
The most important thing is your interest and your passion to devote your self to that particular field

Career in computer science :
Computer science is a vast field from programming , networks, designing , Hardware & Electronics etc . If you are not sure which area suites you the most then i would suggest to go for career counseling like for instance you my check the following online platform

All the best !!

Kind Regards

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Dennis’s Answer

Focus on learning and leverage the mentorship of the senior people around you.

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Apoorva’s Answer

Adding to Krishna's answer, consider doing some introductory courses on Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/) or Khan academy to familiarize yourself with basic concepts in Computer science. Consider trying out computer programming classes (python/Java) and computer architecture. See where your interest lies - in programming (software) or building computers (hardware engineering). Hope this helps!

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N’s Answer

When starting your career, you are usually full of energy , passion, enthusiasm and curiosity.

I highly recommend using those things to fuel your first years and learn as much as possible from everyone around you, and invest your time in learning as many tools/topics as possible. With time, that energy and passion may not be as strong as those first years, and priorities may change and that is normal. So definitely, take advantage of this time to learn as much as possible!