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Lauren Grzyboski, CFE, CAMS, MBA

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Forensics Associate
Washington, DC
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Marissa B.’s Avatar
Marissa B. Apr 26, 2017 927 views

How do you balance school work, classes, and a job.

I have a part time job and a lot of school work to deal with on the daily. Is there a way to make it easier to handle so I do not feel like I am constantly being overwhelmed? school organization...


Taliah T.’s Avatar
Taliah T. Mar 30, 2021 255 views

What's the best way to find a job after college?

I know for the first few years of my career I would want to work at an Accounting firm or in a stable position as a accountant for a company. career career-counseling working jobs...


Emily C.’s Avatar
Emily C. Apr 05, 2021 355 views

How to follow up on internship applications?

I have been cold-emailing architecture firms seeking an internship opportunity for this summer, but have heard back from very few. Is it appropriate to follow up on emails I sent 3-4 weeks ago to try and get an answer? If so, what should I say? internships internship summer-jobs intern...

architecture applying

candice S.’s Avatar
candice S. Apr 07, 2021 344 views

can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. career business fun sonogram artist fashion...

models book fashion-design author modeling writer

Justine C.’s Avatar
Justine C. Apr 09, 2021 223 views

How to become a Fraud Analyst?

Good Morning, I am interested in Fraud Analysis, I would like to know how to become one. What course you need to take. Where can I get an internship....


Chris Q.’s Avatar
Chris Q. Apr 12, 2021 232 views

What's the most important thing to focus on when starting your career?

I'm passionate about computers, hoping to build one of my own as well as using it to its career-counseling career-path best potential, like using it for editing and recording....


Edwin K.’s Avatar
Edwin K. Apr 13, 2021 221 views

Does going to certain universities affect your career path?

I don't know which college I want to go to. I am a junior in high school and don't have any college I really want or need to go to. high-school...


Joanne Y.’s Avatar
Joanne Y. Apr 14, 2021 268 views

Is it ever too late to decide what career path you'd like to take?

I've always been interested in studying Business but I don't really know what I would follow up with a Business Major....


Alyssa P.’s Avatar
Alyssa P. Apr 14, 2021 143 views

Straight out of college were you able to get a job in the career you wanted?

I'm a high school student thinking about going into dentistry and i'm not sure how it's like to get a job in that profession...


Phuong V.’s Avatar
Phuong V. Apr 14, 2021 223 views

When is it too late to change majors?

I'm entering college with a major I'm not super confident in, when is it TOO late to change it?...


Andy X.’s Avatar
Andy X. Apr 14, 2021 339 views

It is worth it to pursue a master's degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I am currently about to go to college. I want to know what I can do after my undergraduate degree. college degree...