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Lauren Grzyboski, CFE, CAMS, MBA

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Alondra’s Avatar
Alondra Dec 12, 2021 689 views

After I get into colleges, how do I pick the best one for myself?

I'm a senior who just applied to colleges and I am now waiting for acceptance letters, #college #college-selection #college-admissions

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Nov 08, 2021 417 views

what are the first things you should when you are attending your first year of college.

#college #student # #college-advice

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy Oct 19, 2021 600 views

Is studying abroad a good idea for an International Marketing major?

I was wondering if studying abroad for some of college would be good if I want to travel as a job in business or marketing. #business #marketing #college #study-abroad

jesus’s Avatar
jesus Aug 31, 2021 297 views

How does covid 19 impact my career?

#career im 17 years old

Amaiah’s Avatar
Amaiah Aug 05, 2021 451 views

Whats a good way to start a career path

I understand/ grasp things pretty fast. #career #math

Darrell’s Avatar
Darrell Aug 02, 2021 559 views

How can I finish college quicker since I know what I want to do in the future

#college #career #student

Shania’s Avatar
Shania Jun 27, 2021 465 views

How to find a career that you'll be happy with, instead of going into a field that you never desired?

#career #career-choice #career-path #career-counseling

Dereck’s Avatar
Dereck Jun 26, 2021 596 views

What courses/classes in High School should I take to help gain skills for my interest in business?

Hi, I'm a 10th grader and my interest is both aviation and business. I want to start gaining skills that would help me out in business. I've always been interested in business, leadership, problem-solving, making ideas come to life, being creative and working with other people as a team to...

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Jun 22, 2021 471 views

What if I don't know what I am good for nor what I like

I am really good at school, but it does not mean it is easy for me. I am a hardworking person who always want to succeed in any task I am assigned. However, there is no subject in school that I could say I love or that is interesting to me for a future career. #career #career-choice #help

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Jun 22, 2021 556 views

How much of a difference is it to get your bachelors or masters degree when looking for a job?

I want to know the difference of a person who has the bachelors degree who’s looking for a job compared to a person who has masters degree looking for a job. #job #degree #job-search #career

Elise’s Avatar
Elise Jun 18, 2021 1659 views

What is the best way to 'ace' an interview?

#interviews #job-application #career

patricia’s Avatar
patricia Jun 15, 2021 680 views

Advice for someone who confused with their college majors.

I'm a high school student, currently i'm a junior. I was planning to take marketing major at digital marketing but i feel like i'm not sure yet, any advice for this kind of things? :( #marketing #college #college-major #college

Saphir’s Avatar
Saphir May 30, 2021 431 views

How to get a better Idea of what careers I might want to puruse in the future?

I am in 10th grade, and I think it is a good time thinking about this, as I don't have any specific ideas of what I want to be when I grow up. I think exposing myself to different programs regarding different fields is a good beginning step.


Aniah’s Avatar
Aniah May 14, 2021 473 views

What college courses should I take to ensure I am ready for my career?

#career #career-paths #career-advice

Ambar’s Avatar
Ambar Jun 10, 2021 1102 views

What can I do as a high schoolers to help my progress of becoming an accountant in college?

I want to become an accountant. #accounting #business #finance