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Career Questions tagged Career Advising

Kaitlyn C.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn C. Apr 11, 2018 346 views

I love school but I've learned that I hate being in the workforce. How can I be sure to get a job I will enjoy after I graduate?

I can't stay in school forever. I graduate with my MFA (yes, I'm going for specialization), but I'm worried that after I'm specialized, I still won't be able to find a job I enjoy. workforce career career-advising finding-a-major...


Ethan R.’s Avatar
Ethan R. Apr 16, 2018 606 views

what keeps you employed ?

Can my characteristics, appearance, and good work improve my chances in keeping a gob? work employment job job-applications advancement career-advising...


Grace F.’s Avatar
Grace F. Apr 16, 2018 482 views

Reaching your dream job is tough. What do you think it means to reach your dream job, and why is it so rewarding?

We all have an image of a dream job, yet was makes it a dream? Is it the hard work and persistence that makes the job rewarding. Or maybe even today it's considered a dream job because the odds of you receiving the job as a female is small. I would love to hear peoples perspectives on what they...

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