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Anita M. Sep 09, 2016 522 views

Is ROP or Academic Decathlon Team awesome for colleges?

Hey there! So I'm a freshman in highschool right now and I'm planning on joining the Academic Decathlon Team during the Spring. I'm really eager to join because I just adore academic competitions. Do you think this will give me a boost for college since I'm not on a sports team or band? I'm...

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Ignacio F. Mar 12, 2014 1516 views

Scholarships, I'm scared

I'm looking into scholarships, but i'm scared that i'm not going to be able to find one. I have seen a number of different scholarships and the requirements seem attainable, but i know that a number of people also compete for them. I'm also scared that i'm going to beaten in the process. Is...

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Martin J. Mar 05, 2014 2226 views

What should I major in if I want to get a career in aviation?

I'm 16 and currently deciding what college I want to go to and what I want to major in, and I have a strong interest in aviation but I can't find a major that would lead me to a career in it. #college #school #major #aviation #pilot...