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Is ROP or Academic Decathlon Team awesome for colleges?

Hey there! So I'm a freshman in highschool right now and I'm planning on joining the Academic Decathlon Team during the Spring. I'm really eager to join because I just adore academic competitions. Do you think this will give me a boost for college since I'm not on a sports team or band? I'm also planning on starting off-campus ROP Medical Careers classes, but I don't if this will help with college and if they will care. #college #doctor #medicine #medicine-education #extracurriculars #highschool #academics #rop

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Anita!

Just about any extra-curricular activity will be a boost for college! I had plenty of friends whose only extra-curricular activities were academic related and they definitely received a boost from their participation. Being in an extra-curricular shows a dedication and passion for something, which is typically what schools are looking for when it comes that box on the application. Don't be afraid to branch into other similar groups, or trying to find something outside of the school as well.