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Settlement Analyst at Invenergy LLC
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Katarina Aug 22, 2016 784 views

What do I need to do to get into a good medical school?

I want to be super prepared for college and ready for med school #medicine

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Anita Sep 09, 2016 933 views

Is ROP or Academic Decathlon Team awesome for colleges?

Hey there! So I'm a freshman in highschool right now and I'm planning on joining the Academic Decathlon Team during the Spring. I'm really eager to join because I just adore academic competitions. Do you think this will give me a boost for college since I'm not on a sports team or band? I'm...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 01, 2016 1027 views

Do many colleges have an honors programs or classes embedded in them?

I recently attended a summer program at NJIT and I discovered that it had an honors college, Albert Dorman Honors College, in it as part of the campus. I wanted to know if many other colleges have the same kind of structure too. These honor programs they provide are very helpful to students so...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 01, 2016 2471 views

How important are grades/GPA for pursuing mechanical engineering?

As a junior, I know that I have to keep my grades up high for college admissions offices, but I was just wondering how it will look if I say I want to pursue mechanical engineering? Do my grades/GPA have to be really exceptional or something? #mechanical-engineering #college-admissions #advice...

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Sharlene Sep 07, 2016 941 views

Are there any courses, besides the general major/minor courses that would be helpful for combining public health, biology and environmental science?

I'm considering combining these three topics and I would like to have more information with regards to the combining of the subjects. #biology #environmental-science #public-health