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Nandita Padmanabhan

Strategic Sourcing Co-Op
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
New Brunswick, New Jersey
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khamira’s Avatar
khamira Apr 30, 2019 6486 views

what are 3 interview questions you will ask ?


Mack’s Avatar
Mack Apr 12, 2018 4082 views

What are some good interview tips for beginner jobs?

I have an interview in a few days for my first job. Are there any helpful tips anyone can give me? #interview #firstjob

David’s Avatar
David May 10, 2019 780 views

How do you know the skills that the interviewers are looking for?


Keygan’s Avatar
Keygan Jul 28, 2018 848 views

When studying for finals, what are some helpful tips for staying on track when studying?

#finals #studyingtips #studying #tips

Yessica’s Avatar
Yessica Sep 28, 2021 610 views

What are some tips on studying?

I'm a 9th grader and have a hard time not getting distracted while I'm studying.
#studying-tips #time-management #school #studying

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Dec 04, 2020 856 views

What are the best websites to study for ACT and SAT?

#test #study #websites #sat #act

Jovina’s Avatar
Jovina Jul 09, 2021 925 views

Whats your first interview like?


Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Aug 29, 2018 1350 views

What is the best way to prepare for an interview

#interviewing-skills #interviews

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 13, 2016 1079 views

Is It Doable to work full time and go go school full time

I was wanting to hear peoples experience working full time and going to college full time because I will probably be in that situation #college #money-management #working

Haneen’s Avatar
Haneen Apr 22, 2020 1440 views

How can I land a summer internshp/job?

#internship #summer-jobs #business #finance

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 02, 2020 2000 views

Where do I apply for internships?

I'm currently a high school 11th grader, looking for internships, preferably over the summer. I'm looking to study Business and Economics in college. I am academically successful if that means anything. Thanks!

#business #networking #internship #summer-jobs #finance

Rasya’s Avatar
Rasya Mar 24, 2020 1779 views

What is some advice you would give to a high schooler trying to get into the business and finance world?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school with plans to double major in economics and finance. I'm actively looking for internships and job opportunities that can help me gain some real-world experience before college. #business #finance #entrepreneur #internship #networking

Linh’s Avatar
Linh Nov 07, 2021 737 views

Do you have any tips on getting connections and networking?

I want to pursue a career revolving around business and finance. I know that around this career and life in general, networking and having connections is really important and can be used as an advantage. #business #networking #finance #entrepreneur #connections

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Aug 30, 2018 720 views

What are some study habits you recommend?

I have never been big into studying but now that I'm in college I definitely need to get into the habit of studying on a regular basis. #studying

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Mar 02, 2021 566 views

How can I make a proper studying plan?

All together I study for all my classes, but I do not have that good of a plan. My studying is all over the place and is very unneat. I want to find a way where I can make a plan where I do not make my desk a complete mess during the process.