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What are some study habits you recommend?

I have never been big into studying but now that I'm in college I definitely need to get into the habit of studying on a regular basis. #studying

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2 answers

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Junnie’s Answer

How Kaitlyn, this is a tricky question. I believe everyone have a slight different style in studying. I love studying, and I am going for my fifth degree. I think first thing is you have to find out if you you can concentrate better in the morning, afternoon or evening?! I usually study better in the evening when I got everything settle, I don’t have any distractions anymore. But at time, I feel anxious to study, like I want to achieve a few chapters right off, I will turn off my phone and put and head down to study for couple of hours in the morning. As for memorizing materials, I find that copying it by hand is the best for me, copying the main points, writing with colourful pens makes it fun and keep me focus. We all have different focus expansions as well. If you can only sit still for an hour, stand up, walk around and come back in 15-30 mins and start over again. Some people need complete silence when they study, some study better sitting in a busy Starbucks. Picking the right environment is crucial to keep your focus too. Hope you’ll find a habit that will work for you. Good luck.

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Nilofar’s Answer

Don't beat yourself up about procrastinating and set realistic study goals. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your academic work to refocus your mind. In fact, it's important to do so to be able to take in and process new information. If you have a paper to write don't wait until the last minute to do it. Start early and try to work on it as often as you can - an object in motion will stay in motion so it's important to get that first ball rolling.