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Linh P.

San Francisco, CA
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I want to be apart of the Business world, specifically around finance.


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Linh P. Dec 06, 2021 138 views

Is a financing a stable career?

I want to live my life to its fullest and have fun. But I also want to have a stable job career, so I don't have to worry so much. career job career-choice finance business career-counseling...


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Linh P. Dec 06, 2021 117 views

How many hours do people in finance usually work daily?

As a student who's aspiring to be in the finance world, I want to know how people's life is shaped daily in their financing career. business finance career...


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Linh P. Nov 07, 2021 131 views

Do you have any tips on getting connections and networking?

I want to pursue a career revolving around business and finance. I know that around this career and life in general, networking and having connections is really important and can be used as an advantage. business networking finance entrepreneur...


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Linh P. Nov 07, 2021 102 views

Do you have any tips for staying motivated and focus?

As a senior and high school student juggling many things at once, I often lose motivation and struggle with procrastination. I'm trying to get myself back together but it's very hard to stay motivated. tips life-advice...


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Linh P. Nov 03, 2021 68 views

What are some effective tips to have a efficient schedule?

As a senior in High School, I have many things on my plate and have a hard time managing everything together. time-management school high-school schedule...


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Linh P. Apr 26, 2021 534 views

What majors in college can you take if you want to have a career that revolves in finance?

I know that I want to do something with money and finance, but I don't know what steps to take in college. career college...