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New Brunswick, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
trinity’s Avatar
trinity 2 hours ago 8 views

collage qutions

how do i know what collage is the right one for me? also i just want to know what majors do i have to get to be an ob/gyn?

Ren’s Avatar
Ren 15 hours ago 25 views

How do I become a therapist ?

How do I become a therapist specifically a child therapist

Scott’s Avatar
Scott 18 hours ago 61 views

A teacher switching careers here! What are keywords, or specific careers, that a teacher can use to help navigate looking for work in the non-teaching education field?

I have 4+ years experience teaching within a K-2 classroom. I was a grade team leader for 1 of those years and currently an instructional grade team leader which means I'm in charge of the development of 2 teachers, as well as a classroom of students. I'm passionate about all things education...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail yesterday 160 views

What are the best job experiences to try out to prepare myself for the Fashion Industry when I'm older?

By the way I'm in tenth grade and I want to try something that is in retail and definitely creative.

Shania’s Avatar
Shania yesterday 297 views

What kind of fun careers can you do for multimedia design?

Im a High-school senior looking into some career options for entertainment technology. I enjoy things like video games and art.

Lianette’s Avatar
Lianette yesterday 162 views

What skills should I develop to prepare for a career in Psychology?

What skills do I need to succeed in that field, whether it's public speaking, writing, or understanding body language... What skills do you use every day that may be helpful to advise people looking more into that field?

Haden’s Avatar
Haden 2 days ago 49 views

How can I get a clearer idea of what careers I should go after?

I like writing, archery, and building,

Terrell’s Avatar
Terrell Sep 19 93 views

How do you become a successful screenwriter and how to make any person fall in love with your work?

My name is Terrell and I’m a sophomore in high school my goal is to get in to a college with a great screen writing program so I can be somebody when I grow up.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Sep 18 38 views

What school has the best nursing programs and premed programs on the East Coast?

I'm interested in healthcare and I'd like to look into more colleges on the upper east coast that have good nursing and premed programs. Any recomendations?

Sumayyah’s Avatar
Sumayyah Sep 18 115 views

How do I find direction post-graduation? Share advice on what helped you after you graduated.

I am currently job-searching in the Marketing field but everything feels unstructured and messy. I’m unsure what steps to take that would help me reach my career goals.

Alina’s Avatar
Alina Sep 17 48 views

Any tips for starting a professional TikTok account?

Any tips for an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to build a social media presence? Thanks!

Alina’s Avatar
Alina Sep 17 37 views

What should I include in an impressive voiceover reel?

Is it similar to a video reel in that it should showcase my different styles or characters? And is there an appropriate length it should be? Thanks!

Tran’s Avatar
Tran Sep 16 106 views

How to network with professionals at career fair?

What questions should I ask and how to make friendly conversations as well as to keep connection with them?

Ally’s Avatar
Ally Sep 11 106 views

How do I become an astronomer ?

I’m currently in 10th grad and i want to study astronomy more than anything. How can I ensure that I become what?

Avaneesh’s Avatar
Avaneesh Sep 09 57 views

what's a degree

esspetially for arts

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