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Amy Apr 26 391 views

How do I become a Psychology Professor at Uni?

Im in my final year of Highschool & entering college soon, I really want to become a teacher and wanted to teach kids/teens but figured out Professor in uni has a higher salary than a Highschool teacher, What should i do to become a psychology professor at Uni? Can I major in Education? then...

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Marie Apr 24 310 views

What careers would allow me to create something that will change the world?

I'm interested in math and science, but love writing and traveling. I don't like jobs that are not hands-on, or that are lifeless - in other words, jobs like mechanical engineering or computer science which don't deal with life. I want to get out of "the matrix", but I can't for the life of me...

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Malak Apr 24 242 views

What nursing program would be best for me and for my future career goal?#Spring24

Hello I’m freshmen student at WSU and finishing my pre-requisition for pre-nursing and I’m struggling with figuring out if I should got to Wayne state university nursing program or Madonna university program. I would rather go to Wayne state university but it’s 3 years and modonna university is...

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charles Apr 24 257 views

how can i diversify my career in sports?

sports and career tips

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brain Apr 24 293 views

is my career my purpose?

is my career my purpose?

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Makhalath Apr 25 525 views

How do I ask for time to consider a job offer without seeming like I’m not interested? #Spring2024


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Danielle Apr 25 254 views

What dual-credit classes would set me up for a easier time in college, when trying to pursue a career in law? #Spring24

I'm in my junior year of high school, and I'm planning to take dual-credit classes this fall. I want to utilize this time to make my future easier, but I would like some pointers on what classes to look at.
If there aren't any DUAL-CREDIT classes, which classes should I take in general? Thanks!

D’s Avatar
D Apr 25 362 views

Any good and affordable colleges abroad for a Masters in Psychology in English with scholarships and good stay-back policies?

I'm looking for something within the field of clinical or counselling Psychology

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Monica Apr 25 564 views

Which is the best real estate course to take?

I would prefer suggestions of online courses. I plan to start this course while I'm in college.

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Nyx Apr 25 464 views

What are some colleges that offer Art / Education / Therapy?

Hello again, I am graduating this summer and going to a Junior College in Fall. After I get my associates, I was wondering what kind of 4-year would be good to transfer to. Was thinking somewhere around New York / New Jersey. My current career goal is to be an art teacher.

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Oscar Apr 25 706 views

What is something that can help me figure out the career path I would want?

I really enjoy things that i can focus and get into the zone in and i just need to figure out what those things are

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Adama Apr 26 451 views

I’m wondering what some good jobs in biology are, how to attain them, and why those jobs exist and what purpose they serve. I’ve taken living environment so I know a bit about biology but I want to know more about it.

I’m also in 9th grade and my favorite classes are English II, Algebra II, and Chemistry II.

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Jaeyeong Apr 26 426 views

How to start a beverage company

Hello, I am the person who asked the question last time. In order to start a beverage company, would it be a good idea to work at a beverage company? And if you want to join a company such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Red Bull and learn how to make beverages, what major should you choose as your...

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Scott Apr 26 302 views

Why am i supposed to go to college?

I need to know more

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Billie Apr 26 299 views

How can students receive financial support?

I am a student but my financial ability is not good so I want to receive help from the school