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Pratical tips for job interviews?

What can I do in order to demonstrate that I am a good choice for a position that I am interested in? #job-search-strategies #job-interview

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5 answers

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Wael’s Answer

  • Dress well

  • Be calm

  • Talk clearly

  • Remember to smile when you finish a question or reach a happy/positive note

  • Try to include all the interviewers with your eye contact

  • Research the company

  • Research the competition

  • Research the position

  • Be ready to answer salary questions

  • Train to give a concise 5-min summery about yourself

  • Try to keep in mind interesting work related/group project related situations were you overcame problems

  • Same as above but when you failed and what you learned from it

I hope you the best :)

This was really helpful! Kristina Y.

You are welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

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brad’s Answer

I really like the answers from Wael. In addition to what he listed, here is my point of view.

  • Confidence is crucially important - demonstrate through your presence and through your conversation.

  • Be nice to all people. This not only includes your direct interviewers, but also everyone you meet at the on-site interview location. E.g. receptionist, cleaning staff, etc.

  • Demonstrate your logic thinking. Use bullet points if possible to clearly structure your answers. E.g. through that project, I learn three things. 1) ...; 2).... ; 3)....

  • Be yourself! Think this also as a personality test or "airport test". Demonstrate to your interviewer, you are not only a competent candidate for the job duty, but also a person they see they would enjoy to be around as an officemate. Use the opportunity to test for yourself as well. Do I see myself working with this group of people. Would I enjoy that?

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Lera!

You asked a very important question!

Here is a site that will give you much information regarding interviewing and much, much more. Enjoy!





Thank you! Kristina Y.

You are welcome. Best of luck. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress. Ken Simmons

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Patricia’s Answer

Along with the answers above, I would suggest you make sure you research the company you are interviewing at and can share what you find interesting about it. View their website, news/publicity, Glassdoor.com comments, etc. Showing enthusiasm for the position and the company is key! Also remember that even if you are not sure you want the position, you have to go into the interview to win it. You don't have a decision to make until the offer is in your hand. Good luck!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Lera,

For the interview, I would look up commonly asked interview questions. I would then try to find 3 or 4 examples in your experiences that would apply to multiple questions. This will allow you to concisely answer a question and not fumble through trying to remember multiple scenarios.