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What would make you stand out in an interveiw ? (not including your attire)

Asked Lakeland, Florida

I have been learning about how to dress and come prepared for an interview. Such as looking up how the company works, wear attire according to their business, and come prepared for questions that might throw you off or make you think. I want to know besides all that what would really make you stand out? what can I say or doo to really get their attention and make them say she's the one for the job ? #job-interview # summerjob #standout

6 answers

Steve’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

It depends on the job. My biggest recommendations:

  1. Be you! You'll find the exact right fit between being professional and being yourself with time. It really just takes repetition to find the mix. I do find that the most successful interviewers are people who are honest about their passions.
  2. Research the people who are interviewing you on LinkedIn. It shows them an exceptional level of preparation and tells you a lot about the job.
  3. Failure is an option. Interviews are all about finding fit. I have had about 60 interviews for different positions. You don't always get the job, and you don't always love the company. If you're ok with that, it helps take the pressure off performing in the interview.

Best of luck!

Ritesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Your confidence when you get into the room matters a lot. You should be confident in answering the questions and also, answer in a manner that you leave the interviewer in awe. Don't be very serious, answer the questions casually and act like it' second nature to you.

Terral’s Answer


Good luck to you in your upcoming interviews!

I would recommend the following:

1) Come prepared with thoughtful questions. In a 30 minute interview, you should be prepared to fill up to 20 minutes of time with questions. Candidates who bring thoughtful questions to the table always catch my attention because I can tell that they've done their homework, they take their work seriously, and that they're hungry to learn. If you're stumped try thinking of some questions that have to do with your interviewer's experience at the company, expectations for the role, or company goals for the year.

2) Come prepared with examples. Ultimately, in an interview setting, interviewers are gathering as much information as they can to take a gamble - they're guessing which person they're interviewing will do the best job in the role they're recruiting for. Come prepared with tangible examples of stellar work that you've gone, so your interviewer won't feel like they're making a bet when they pick you. They KNOW you have a history of success! For example, be sure to come with one example showing your dedication to your work or a time that you've gone "above and beyond."

Good luck!

Hadley’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

I found that researching the company you are interviewing with to become familiar with their culture, industry and history, etc.... that way you come to the interview with a high level understanding of where you could potentially work. Preparing thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer ( Google what to ask at end of interview and there are many options to review and decide what works best for you specifically). Some other suggestions would be to show up about 10-15 minutes early, have copies of your resume, reference materials, additional paperwork if applicable to the position you are applying for, etc..

Best of luck on your job hunt!!

Neeraj’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The single thing that trumps all else in an interview, is the vibe you give to the interviewer. And the vibe you create is a direct result of how much domain knowledge you have, especially compared to the interviewers themselves. If you are by virtue, an inspiring and confident individual, your knowledge and preparation for the job itself will carry you through it.

Cathy’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi Ajha,

Definitely agree with making sure you have thoughtful questions prepared and concrete examples. The more details you have with your answers, the more you'll stand out.

I also tend to have to remind myself not to be so nervous going into an interview. They're taking time out of their schedule to interview me because they found my resume/ experience intriguing and want to know more. With that being said, try not to be stiff... be yourself. They want to know about your experience, but also they want to see if your personality fits with their company.

Good luck!