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Hadley Cole

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Tampa, Florida
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Kenneth Jan 24, 2018 360 views

Which dorm at UNCC is best for freshmen?

Need to Pick #college-dorm

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Taylor May 14, 2019 462 views

How do I join a fire department?

#firefighters #paramedic

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Ethan Apr 16, 2018 947 views

what keeps you employed ?

Can my characteristics, appearance, and good work improve my chances in keeping a gob? #work #employment #job #job-applications #advancement #career-advising #human-resources

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Kelly May 03, 2019 431 views

How can I use my resources better.

How and other ideas. #human-resources

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Ajha Apr 16, 2018 694 views

What would make you stand out in an interveiw ? (not including your attire)

I have been learning about how to dress and come prepared for an interview. Such as looking up how the company works, wear attire according to their business, and come prepared for questions that might throw you off or make you think. I want to know besides all that what would really make you...

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Noemi Jul 19, 2018 470 views

What schools in California are known for their psychology program?

I want to attend undergraduate school in California and am considering majoring in psychology. What schools (private and/or public) have amazing psychology programs? #school #psychology #schools

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Martin Mar 04, 2019 488 views

How long did it take you too finish yourcollege degree

#Degree # #college #college-major #career-counseling

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Ava Mar 05, 2019 737 views

I want to join the army. I am 14 years of age. What can I do to prepare? And what do I say to my mom?

My mom has supported me but at the same time is worried. She expected my dream of going into the army would fade off and I would find another career I liked. I also have another problem. I want to go to college but I am not sure if I should go to the army first. If I take ROTC I will have to be...

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Jadyn Feb 19, 2019 757 views

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

#happiness #hello #positivity #behappy #career

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Martin Mar 04, 2019 392 views

Wha field did you decide to go into?

#career #college-major