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How can I use my resources better.

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How and other ideas. #human-resources

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Tamara’s Answer


Hello!  Being resourceful is an appealing capability employers will seek.  To be resourceful, I would suggest a few things:

1) Build connections and a network - This can be in your community, family, school.  Tell everyone about the type of role you are seeking...sometimes they know someone they can put you in touch with.  ProTip - Leverage LinkedIn to join groups of similar interests and build your brand.

2) Follow-through!  Take every opportunity to learn and follow-though on actions/next steps you are given through the above networks/connections.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.  Be willing to be scrappy, persistent, and any employer will be willing to teach someone a skill if they know they have strong work ethic.

3) Read - Get your hands on books or magazines.  Harvard Business Review is one of my favorites.  Understand what is top of mind in the industry you are interested in, and what the challenges are.  Never under-estimate the power of lifelong learning.

Good luck!!

Hadley’s Answer


The first step I would recommend is take a look within yourself and find what your goals are. From there, think of the people already in your life (school, friends, family, community, etc..) that may be a good resource to talk to about their experiences similar or the same as your goal. An example would be if you want to be a doctor and the only doctor you know is your family physician, take time to ask them questions about their industry, why they chose that path, their experiences and so on. Really taking a look into what will make you happy in the long run. Sometimes getting a foot in the door position (i.e. customer service, audit, etc..) can lead to great opportunity down the road. Most career progression opportunities will stem from the experiences you gain. Best of luck!