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How do I join a fire department?

Asked Edinburgh, Indiana

2 answers

David’s Answer

Taylor, Edinburgh looks to be paid, but they may have volunteers. I just looked inside station one, on Google Earth and saw a lot of bunker gear. A little too much for nine people. I would go there and ask if they have volunteers. Fire station two, on Shelby and Franklin, looks very volunteer! If not, ask them what departments close by, that do use volunteers.. You can also do that yourself. Google a list of local volunteer fire departments, in Bartholomew, Johnson and Shelby county. The greatest advantage you have as a volunteer, is how close to you live to the station. Go to http://broadcastify.com and listen to the scanner. Shelby County Fire. They’re not online right now, so keep checking. Also, you can listen to Indianapolis Fire/Marion county. All the sounds you hear on the scanner, are the same sounds you will hear when you get hired. Teach your subconscious mind to believe you are already there. I did when I was a teenager and it worked. Ask any Fire department, who they hire the most. Civilian strangers, or people that are already on the department as volunteers. What do you think? Message me if you have any more questions. David, (Former Volunteer Firefighter)

Hadley’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida