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As a Engineer do you enjoy your job?

Updated Laurinburg, North Carolina

I am a high school student wanting to learn about this job #engineering

3 answers

Maggie’s Answer

Hi Elton-

I thoroughly enjoy my job! I work as a structural engineer, so I get to team up with architects to design buildings and spaces, visit construction sites, answer builders' questions and--at the end--see the physical results of my work.

There are many different types of engineering, from biomedical and chemical engineering to mechanical and electrical. This means that there are many different experiences and paths to take as an engineer that can match your personal interests and goals. http://www.egfi-k12.org/index_noflash.php is a great website that you can explore to learn a little about all the different paths you can take as an engineer.

With all of these choices available it can be a little overwhelming. For me, being an engineer is usually more than just the definition of my job and includes learning to problem-solve and communicate my ideas. I would highly recommend doing some research on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) competitions for students! (try: https://www.idtech.com/blog/ultimate-guide-to-stem-competitions-events). If one of the competitions is interesting, you can ask your teacher or counselor to help you get involved in the competition, which is an excellent framework for learning about a topic and for exploring the type of problem-solving and teamwork that you would experience as an engineer in the field.

Good luck!

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Elton!

You asked a very important question.

Every engineer finds something different interesting about this field.

If you find that engineering is interesting, here are great sites:: https://www.engineergirl.org/ http://www.futureengineers.org/

The next step would be to talk to your school counselor about becoming involved in coop, intern, shadowing, and volunteer programs that will allow you to learn about the inside of the career area and see what people do, how they got there, what advice they have, and how you feel about it.

Let me know if and how this helps. Keep me posted. i would like to follow your progress.

Ritesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

It completely depends on your field of interest, the nature of your job and also, your company's culture. You can only enjoy your job if you have immense interest in the field, the nature of your job lets you do your work freely and then, the culture of your company make you feel good.