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How will do I manage my time well in college?

Asked Los Angeles, California

3 answers

Brandon’s Answer


First I would take a look at the amount of credit hours you plan on taking. For every class plan on at least on extra hour studying it that day. Set yourself up a schedule and stick to it.

Definitely agree with setting a schedule and sticking to it. I will also add, schedule in leisure time and honor that. Put a Friday night fun time with friends on your calendar so you can feel good about hitting the library Saturday morning and not be tempted to pass it off to Monday.

Melissa’s Answer

At many colleges, there are Academic Success offices that provide support to students seeking help navigating time management, good study habits etc. You should ask the Dean of Student's Office for those resources.

Ritesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

See that you are spending enough time on yourself, you should develop yourself personally and also, your skills should get better. So, see that you get better by the day. But, you also have to see that you are good socially. So, invest time in all of the things, don't miss out on any of the things. Enjoy.