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How likely is an internship willing to pay for traveling/relocation expenses.

Asked Northampton, Pennsylvania

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Regina’s Answer


There is a lot of internships available, but you do have to look at the details with each.  Some will be paid others will not. Some will provide housing, mileage reimbursement or a bonus to offset the travel or living costs.  Ask questions and get all the information before you decide.  Internships are amazing and allow you to get experience that companies are looking for when they hire you so take advantage of them. 

Rori’s Answer

Many of the larger companies (especially within the technology sector) will provide housing and relocation benefits so that it may be of no cost to you (or very little) to do an internship with the company. If there's a company that you're very interested in though that doesn't provide benefits, I'd suggest working with the recruiter/manager to see if there's any way to maybe increase your hourly rate or stipend to assist.

Ritesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

It's very rare that you will find companies who are willing to pay for your travelling and relocation. Although, I have seen a few companies doing that, but to be very specific, that company selected one candidate out of 5 thousand students. So, it's difficult to get that, but surely you can be the one. Good Luck.