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B. Eni’s Avatar
B. Eni Jun 10, 2016 1391 views

What college majors should I apply to in order to be a diplomat?

I want to be a diplomat or even work for the U.N, but I am unsure what I should major in. I am currently leaning towards Economics, Journalism, and probably will go to law school. Any other suggestions? #international-affairs #united-nations #diplomacy

Adedoyin’s Avatar
Adedoyin Jun 10, 2021 557 views

How much does a diplomat get payed on average?

#government #diplomacy #travelling

Monique’s Avatar
Monique Jul 17, 2020 1115 views

What are the pros and cons for working in a government agency?

I currently volunteer with several nonprofits doing communications and programmatic work, but I am looking to extend this to government agencies. What are the costs and benefits of working for a government agency (salary, job security, etc.)?

#JULY20 #career #government

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 31, 2018 1244 views

What can I do to stay connected with people I meet during internships and networking events and how?

#internship #networking #career #human-resources

Gabriele’s Avatar
Gabriele Oct 27, 2018 642 views

Working as a Lobbyst in the US

My question is, would it be possible for me to work as a lobbyist or a government affairs officer for a company in the US, if I am not a US citizen?

Thank you in advance
#career #government

Akua’s Avatar
Akua Sep 28, 2018 933 views

The rate of unemployment due to automation keeps increasing and there is no way of eradicating it. Is getting a higher degree the only way to get a job in the near future ?


Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 28, 2018 631 views

Is it more beneficial to major in international studies with a regional focus, or just general international studies?

#international #major #internationalstudies #global relations

Ivanna’s Avatar
Ivanna Sep 21, 2018 988 views

Can you have a unusual hair cut and work in the government?

#government #persetive

Elena’s Avatar
Elena Jan 16, 2018 595 views

For political science, would it be best to become involve in local government?

I would like to know what sorts of activities would boost me resume and give me experience. #political-science #government #local-government #resume

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Feb 09, 2017 960 views

What types of government internships should be taken to gain experience in the fields of Public Policy or International Politics?

I am considering a career in the realm of Political Science, and I would like to participate in government-based activities during and after my educational experience. #government #political-science #politics #federal-government #public-policy

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth May 08, 2018 1281 views

Is there a way to find grants for adult women returning to college?

I am a #50yearold woman returning to college to get my Bachelor's in #HealthCare #Management.

Shamarie’s Avatar
Shamarie Aug 26, 2018 585 views

What are some services at college that help students mentally and emotionally ?

Students at college are often away from their families, their support networks, so what services do colleges have to act as that network? Do colleges have services that step in when students have stress induced panic attacks of students suffer mental illnesses? #management

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Aug 30, 2018 857 views

Is there financial aid for everyone?

#financial-aid #college #federal-government

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 16, 2018 3440 views

If you received a bad evaluation will employee be fired or on probation.

writing a paper on successful employees. #construction #employment #jobs #human-resources #conflict-resolution #probation #losing-job

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 12, 2017 1110 views

Does the National Career Readiness certification imply that your employer will want to promote you?

When I was taking the National Career Readiness certification (NCRC) exam, there were many people who are being employed by places like Fanuiel and Eastman Chemical. So, I wonder if their employers actually want to promote them or if they just want to see their employee's status....