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If you received a bad evaluation will employee be fired or on probation.

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Diane’s Answer

Receiving a bad evaluation does not always immediately result in termination or probation.  In my experience as an HR Manager, a poor performance evaluation will lead to coaching or a performance improvement plan.  If performance does not improve as a result of those interventions, the employee could be dismissed.    In some cases, the performance plan contains elements like "additions instances of <insert performance issue or behavior problem> could result in further discipline, up to and including dismissal.   As for "probation", that is not a term I hear often outside of the period when an employee is new to the company for example the first 90 days or the first 6 months.  In the case of the poor performance evaluation, they may go on some kind of performance warning, much like the plan I described above.  I hope this was helpful for you!  Best of luck!

Kathryn’s Answer

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A bad evaluation for an employee can mean several things. If it for a reason such as harassment or theft, the employee could be fired. If the bad evaluation is due to Poor Performance, there should be a probation period where the employee has an Action Plan to be allowed to improve on their poor performance or results. Additional training could be offered to the employee to aid them in their Action Plan. In my Company, we have  Progressive Discipline, which means the employees are first given a Counseling Notice, then a Written Warning, then a Final Written Warning. If no improvement on the issue is made after the FWW, then the employee is terminated. Of course, all of these steps depend on the severity of the reason the employee is being disciplined. A Code of Conduct violation usually begins with a Written Warning. 

Dan’s Answer

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Hi Luke

When you receive a "bad" evaluation it will go on record and be in your personal file for future reference.

What I have found is that a negative evaluation is what a manager will and should use to work with the employee to turn things around. This is of course one of the main reasons for annual reviews.

While this is in your file if for some reason your company needs to do a surplus or reduction in workforce they will be evaluating all employees. If you and your counterpart are on the list and he had a good evaluation that could be the difference in him staying with the company. That is the biggest thing that I have seen as an effect from a bad review

I hope this helped



Katie’s Answer

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What you'll find in employee relations that it depends is the favorite answer of most folks who do the work. In this situation it depends on any other issues the employee may have. Were the counseled? How much time were they given to improve? What sort of improvements have they made? All sorts of data goes into figuring out what steps to take when doing employee relations. There is no definitive answer to one bad evaluation and what the repercussions of that will be. To really find out you may want to do a case study at an organization for your paper, rather than a general topic. Good luck!