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Dan Champagne

Sr. Real Estate & Construction Manager at ATT
Los Angeles, California
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Moriyah’s Avatar
Moriyah Aug 15 38 views

when should i start looking for colleges?

like how do yk what college would be best for you?

Mitansh’s Avatar
Mitansh Aug 15 253 views

What is a good finance college in California?

What is a good college for finance in California? I have a 4.16 GPA weighted.

elijah’s Avatar
elijah Jun 07 78 views

What should i do after BCT?

IM]m in job corps and i want to know what the highest paid trade after i leave building construction technology. I was to enjoy my job as well.

kyree’s Avatar
kyree May 16 73 views

What does it take to become a carpenter?

How do I get started doing carpentry? Is carpentry a hard job for first-timers? What type of degree I will need to become an carpenter?

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy May 16 108 views

What does a day in life look like for a construction manager?

What would be some challenges and some positives for this field? Are you happy with your income and position?

emily’s Avatar
emily May 17 123 views

Did you go to a two year college or a four year college ?

I really want to know this one because i need to know what is best for the career I'm trying to have.

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 355 views

What is the best route to start in the carpentry industry?

im a san jose jon corps student currently about to start my carpentry trade

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 18, 2022 284 views

What is a typical day in cement masonry and what type of problems do you face while working?

I'm getting into it and wanna know what I can.

fatima’s Avatar
fatima Nov 10, 2022 215 views

What are the pros and cons of being an architect?

I've had my heart set on being an architect but I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Aug 29, 2022 576 views

hi i was wondering what the average day of being a carpenter looks like?

Carpentry Question

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 272 views

Do you have to be strong or built to work in cement?

I was wondering because there is a lot of heavy lifting.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 08, 2021 334 views

what is the best way to enter the architecture career


edgar’s Avatar
edgar Nov 01, 2021 233 views

What advice would you give a newbie going into the union for the first time ?

any tips or tricks you can tell me for the first time going in #construction

Sanchez’s Avatar
Sanchez Oct 28, 2021 218 views

can you work on mutiple sites? and if so do you travel


david’s Avatar
david Aug 05, 2021 345 views

what is the average pay for a carpenter

#job #construction