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alexis R. Jun 12 115 views

how does your job affect your lifestyle in general?

how does being a juvenile probation officer affect your general lifestyle and how you make decisions #juvenile-probation...


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alexis R. Jun 12 48 views

what are your main responsibilities

as a juvenile probation officer what are your main responsibilities on a daily weekly basis? #juvenile-probation...


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Luke H. Apr 16, 2018 257 views
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Princess S. Jan 23, 2018 211 views

What is the best path to becoming an adult probation officer? To elaborate, what entry level positions can I apply for in order to get the experience needed? Is a Criminal Justice degree - Criminology good enough?

I am a few classes away from receiving my Criminal Justice degree and am interested in becoming a probation officer. I believe that most people can be rehabilitated and this is a field that will allow me to help others , while also opening up even bigger opportunities. #criminaljustice...