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Is there a way to find grants for adult women returning to college?

I am a #50yearold woman returning to college to get my Bachelor's in #healthcare #management.

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2 answers

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Julia’s Answer

Hi Ruth!

This is a great question. In addition to looking for grants, I would suggest looking for scholarships as well. There scholarships based on: intended major, age, race/ethnicity/nationality, interests, and much more! There has even been a growing number of scholarships for women and/or mothers returning to college to continue their education.

I would do a google search for scholarships and grants for women returning to college. I found one article that look promising: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/loans/student-loans/10-fantastic-scholarships-women-returning-education/

Start there, and continue to search online to find more opportunities.

Best of luck, its awesome that you're continuing to pursue higher education!

Julia recommends the following next steps:

Google "scholarships and grants for women returning to college"
Speak to the Financial Aid Office at the college you're hoping to attend. Many times they know about scholarships and grants that may apply to you, and can help determine your eligibility.

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Katie’s Answer

In addition to that, also check with a local librarian as they know how to find all sorts of resources that could be of assistance. Another option that might be helpful is to check with a HS guidance counselor. Again these are folks that are really tapped into different ways to find funding for education.