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Akua Sep 28, 2018 917 views

The rate of unemployment due to automation keeps increasing and there is no way of eradicating it. Is getting a higher degree the only way to get a job in the near future ?


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Akua Sep 27, 2018 617 views

Getting involved at school helps in networking or making connections in the near future. I live off campus. How can I get involved?


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Akua Aug 20, 2018 704 views

Is clinical laboratory science jobs in demand?

I will be majoring in CLS. Is it a sought-after program? Will I get a job easily? #jobs #job-search

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Akua Aug 20, 2018 461 views

How can international students graduate without having any loans when he/she is on a partial scholarship and is in need?

I don't want to have any loans and I have applied to many outside scholarships already. How can I graduate without loans?