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Is there financial aid for everyone?

Asked Smackover, Arkansas

3 answers

Katie’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

No and this is why a lot of folks are in debt after graduation. There are a lot of ways to help yourself in these situations, look for every scholarship and apply for them. There are a lot out there and even the smallest ones can help with books and other supplies as needed. Look at grants which are paid differently. Talk to your school guidance counselor; I found mine to be super helpful when starting the college application process as they were very well versed in scholarship applications and the FASFA process. If you don't have a guidance counselor try the school librarian. These days unfortunately schools are so expensive and not everyone gets aid, so start looking now to see what can help you pay. Also, consider a community college for the first two years. In my state I was able to take some college credits my senior of high school which spread out the pain a bit.

Roger’s Answer

Updated Walnut Creek, California
Based on my experience, no, there is not financial aid for everyone. Depending on parents income, the money they have saved, the college you select, and other factors -- Financial Aid is NOT available for everyone. I know from experience, I paid full out of state tuition for my two daughters to go to Arizona State University. There was no Financial Aid... and according to FAFSA our Expected Family Contribution was $234,554 a YEAR. We simply wrote the check... and it was worth every penny.

Veronica’s Answer

Updated Poughkeepsie, New York
I have to reiterate - if you can take College Credits in HS you can possibly eliminate a year from college in this way. I'd also consider going to community college for the freshman foundational classes to save money.