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devi U. Apr 26, 2016 474 views

how to become a good student to my school teacher?

i will always do any silly work and get scold from teacher ..she will always scold me .. what to do to get rid of this #airline-industry #fine-art #games #team...


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Jules Benjamin G. May 15, 2016 493 views

Which field of engineering gives me the greatest opportunities for advancement and flexibility to evolve/grow?

I wish to major in engineering but am unsure about what subspecialty, for example, chemical, mechanical, etc. #professor #manager #or...


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Mamadou B. May 24, 2016 411 views

Which is the most difficult CS subject/theory that you studied but important to the field? And the reason please?

I'm currently a high school and will be starting college in June and I want to know about the difficulties I would come across while persuing my major. #studying-tips #sport #project...


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Abdulwahab A. Dec 17, 2016 499 views

How can I make my project alive?

Generally, if I have a project that am working on, how do I make it work and to be "alive"? (If that is the correct term for it) #business #career...


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Ashley H. Dec 02, 2017 312 views

How do Independent Research Positions or Projects Work at University?

I recently completed and presented a project for a class in which my professor was over the moon about. After class, he suggested that next semester I could turn this project (it was a GIS campus project, in which I worked with Services and various other departments to complete) into an...

#university #research #courses #gis #project

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Margot R. May 30, 2018 183 views

What can we do to push a conversation on lowering tuiton prices?

It's obvious that education is expensive. What are some things we can do to try and get negotiations considered for lower tuition?...


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Alyssa R. Aug 30, 2018 295 views

What was your deciding factor when choosing which college to attend?

I have a few options that I'm considering at the moment, but I can't find anything that stands out about each college that might put one above the others. I was wondering if there was anything, other than such things as scholarships and financial aid that made you chose which college you...

#undergraduate #highschool

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Taylor H. Aug 30, 2018 201 views
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Mo J. Sep 05, 2018 72 views

Switch from Networking engineering to software engineering

I have been a network engineer for 7 years (graduated 2 years ago). I would like to switch to software engineer. What would be the recommendation. #switchtosoftware Thank...

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Akira M. Sep 06, 2018 210 views

Anxiety in college

Lately I’ve been stressing about college because of my social anxiety. I can barely talk in front of people. But I’m great at interviewing and I do have good friends. Is college a good place for me? #college #collegeanxiety #collegesocialanxiety #socialanxiety #college-advice...