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Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India
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devi Jun 29, 2016 814 views

how was the cinimas in past days that good career ?

for my life #doctor #engineer #teacher

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devi Jun 29, 2016 634 views

How do I make a salary counter-proposal?

for my life #teaching #financial-planning

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devi May 19, 2016 1139 views

how to become a editor in Newspaper?

i will write good hobby is reading stories and newspapers ... so i am interested in these things
Kindly help me in this ... #education #mentoring #and #the

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devi May 06, 2016 1130 views

how to be a hotel management?

fruit its my favorite so #freight

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devi Apr 26, 2016 1107 views

how to become a good student to my school teacher?

i will always do any silly work and get scold from teacher ..she will always scold me .. what to do to get rid of this #airline-industry #fine-art #games #team #kanban

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devi Apr 25, 2016 947 views

How to be more smart in all situations?

i need of all attractions toward my self ... i should be more smart of all #teacher #teach #coach #geography