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Which is the most difficult CS subject/theory that you studied but important to the field? And the reason please?

I'm currently a high school and will be starting college in June and I want to know about the difficulties I would come across while persuing my major. #studying-tips #sport #project #manage

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2 answers

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Veronica’s Answer

I agree 100% - I am 2 classes short of completing an MS in CS and the programming was very difficult for me as I had not been using that skill for many many years. My advice is to learn as much as you can about programming languages, data structurs and algorithms. There are some great online course to support this effort. I believe this is freely offered through a MOOC. Massive Open Online Course (online education)
https://www.edx.org/ I take my courses through this offering:

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Rohny’s Answer

In my opinion programming is the difficult and more important subject in CS whatever it be Java, COBOL, python, lisp, curl etc.. Any programming language you work on or business analytical tools you come across you need to have the basic understanding of programming and need to have the analytical skill to analyze and come up with a proper logic.