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Malina D.’s Avatar
Malina D. Mar 15, 2018 308 views

Does taking challenging courses in high school actually pay off?

Initially, when I began taking accelerated courses --which evolved into Honors programs and AP classes-- my goal was to complete most necessary classes so that by senior year I could go home after fourth period. Now here I am, at that aspired goal of checked off credits and possessing the...

#high-school-classes #highschool #classes #credits #college

Isabel O.’s Avatar
Isabel O. Apr 19, 2018 494 views

How can I make myself look like the best candidate for a scholarship?

I have committed to a college and its very expensive to pay and I need all the money I can get. How can I stand out to scholarship readers so that they want to choose me rather than anyone else? #scholarships #applications #essay #college...


Aradhana K.’s Avatar
Aradhana K. Mar 08, 2019 367 views

What is the best way to keep my laptop safe?

Like from hackers, people who steal my cookies, that kind of stuff. #college #tech #scholarship #student...


Aradhana K.’s Avatar
Aradhana K. Jan 15, 2018 361 views

What is college like compared to high school?

I feel like college will be so much better then high school, both time wise and social wise. However I feel like I am getting my hopes too high about what I think college will be. #high-school-students #college-bound...


shosh O.’s Avatar
shosh O. May 16, 2016 693 views

computer science major and nursing major

What type of classes do you take if you double major in Nursing and Computer Science. #computer-science #nursing #computer...


Malina D.’s Avatar
Malina D. Mar 15, 2018 291 views

How can I pursue a career in pharm while also having fun in college?

I want to go into the medical field of pharmacy --whether that's PharmD or pharmacology, I don't know yet, I know that I'm in that vicinity-- and get a good job where I can make an even better salary. But I also want to live the normal college life and not live four more years of stress-induced...

#pharmacy #college

Brett B.’s Avatar
Brett B. May 13, 2016 569 views

How do I stay active during the summer so I am making continuous progress towards bettering my career path?

I am not sure on how I can make the most of my summer. I do not want to have days where I am doing nothing, I want every day to be a day where I am making strides toward my career. #career #graduate #time-management...


Carl F.’s Avatar
Carl F. Aug 31, 2017 458 views
Christopher G.’s Avatar
Christopher G. May 25, 2018 284 views
Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. May 18, 2016 908 views

When attending college are your professors easily accessible to get extra help?

What if a topic doesn't come easy? Can extra time be set up with a professor? #college #nursing #professor...


Janelle J.’s Avatar
Janelle J. Sep 02, 2020 240 views

how do I get started with choosing a career?

#psychology I'm starting my senior year in high school this fall, but I'm not sure what I should do. I have a huge interest in psychology and I want to major in psych, but my father says that it's pretty hard to finds jobs with a psychology degree. I just need some guidance on what steps I...

Francis M.’s Avatar
Francis M. May 20, 2016 858 views

What is the best way to overcome test anxiety?

I have struggled with test anxiety beginning in early elementary school. I am looking for advise as to how to overcome this issue so I can be the most confident when tests are presented. #test...


Samantha P.’s Avatar
Samantha P. Apr 21, 2018 299 views

I tend to get very anxious towards the end of each semester. How do I maintain my focus?

Despite being on top of all my classes' assignments, tests, and even arriving on time, I still get overwhelmed with anxiety each semester. That makes it so hard to concentrate and complete the work, as I had done earlier in the semester. I tried meditation, exercise, prescribed medication and...

#frustrated #anxiety-management

Rachel J.’s Avatar
Rachel J. Mar 16, 2018 311 views

Are gap years ok to take before med school?

My goal is to go to medical school and become a physician. However, I feel that if I have a little more time, I can get more clinical experience and be a more competitive applicant. Are gap years looked down upon by medical schools? #medicine...


Taylor F.’s Avatar
Taylor F. Oct 20, 2020 62 views

I would like to work with juveniles ! Where is a good place to look for jobs in the juvenile justice system?

I’m majoring in forensic psychology and my main interest is how the juvenile justice system works and it’s jobs with in. I’m really interested in detention centers and juvenile offender council...


Shea M.’s Avatar
Shea M. Apr 27, 2018 387 views

Is my major too specific to get a good job in the future?

I am going into wildlife and conservation biology at URI and I am worried that there wont be that many jobs available to me once I get my degree. I know that there are always jobs for environmentalist majors in general - but maybe my major just isnt practical. #struggle...


Hairam C.’s Avatar
Hairam C. Oct 30, 2016 542 views

What would you say are the general steps into becoming a doctor?

I've been wanting to be a lot of things including an engineer and and going into business as well as medicine. I would love to know the steps into becoming a doctor and the things I would have to do outside of class work like volunteering in hospitals or working around medicine or working in...

#doctor #college #medicine

Haleigh M.’s Avatar
Haleigh M. May 26, 2016 621 views

What qualities does a good doctor possess?

As a 3rd year bio-medical science major, I am curious to see why people pick certain doctors over others and the specific characteristics they have that makes them more appealing to a patient. #medicine #healthcare...


Mark Z.’s Avatar
Mark Z. May 19, 2016 817 views

How do I manage to find out which type of accounting firm is the right one for me?

Having an accounting job after college is something I am very excited to pursue and work hard for. However, I do not know which types of firms I should apply for. I know I should go and look at all types of firms, but what makes a work-place the "right one"? #business #finance #accounting...


cole H.’s Avatar
cole H. Aug 22, 2016 628 views

How does one go about getting into working in the management of a professional sports team?

Interested in working in sport management, but not sure how one gets involved in the back-office of managing a team/franchise. #sports #sports-management #soccer...


Megan B.’s Avatar
Megan B. Sep 16, 2020 198 views

What can you do with a computer science degree?

I am a civil engineering student. I choose civil engineering because I really like math and liked the thought of building big stuff. The classes are getting harder and I'm stressed more often. The science classes are so difficult for me. I do so much better in my math courses and the...

#college-majors #computerscience #civil-engineering #mathematics

Gianna C.’s Avatar
Gianna C. Aug 23, 2018 166 views

Is the amount of work and school to become a medical student worth it?

I’ve been very interested in the medical field except I do not want to go to school for all my life. Are there any jobs in the medical field that do not require so much school but still make good money? #school...


Haleigh M.’s Avatar
Haleigh M. May 26, 2016 345 views

What makes DO's and MD's different?

I went into college thinking I was going to become an MD but I have recently been looking into becoming a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). I know that the schooling is relatively the same but I am curious to know the distinctions between them other then the teachings of osteopathic medicine being...

#md #doctor #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #do

Aradhana K.’s Avatar
Aradhana K. Jul 17, 2020 114 views
Aradhana K.’s Avatar
Aradhana K. Jul 17, 2020 116 views

Med School App Recommendations?

I am currently in an undergraduate degree program, and want to know if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to help boost my med school app when I apply to med school. #college #undergraduate #school #medical-school #pre-med #medicine...


Cerissa D.’s Avatar
Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018 317 views
Zoel W.’s Avatar
Zoel W. Jan 18, 2018 327 views

How are teen supposed to pay for college?

College is impractically expensive. How is the modern day teen expected to pay such a hefty fine for an education?...


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