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Corporate Volunteer Program Management
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Walnut Creek, California
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Manuel’s Avatar
Manuel Jun 03, 2019 669 views

What sports you played when you was younger

I played football when i was 14 years old. #football

crystal’s Avatar
crystal Apr 10, 2019 670 views

how to make easy money

#business #money #financial-planning

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 30, 2019 1415 views

What does it mean to thrive in college. Is that academically or socially?


Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 27, 2019 792 views

Should I apply for more than 1 college?

I am applying for SCAD next year and I was wondering if I should Put my heart on this one or see other chances since my chances for getting into this one are very high at the moment. #scad #animation #georgia #college #transferr #desicion

tanner’s Avatar
tanner Mar 27, 2019 703 views

How much does it cost to start up a company and keep it running?

Highest, average and lowest amount #business #entrepreneur #management #finance

Vernon’s Avatar
Vernon Feb 16, 2019 1687 views

How do I initially begin buying and selling stocks? Should I look into day trading penny stocks ? Or should I invest larger amounts into a few companies and wait until I can sell the stock for more than I paid ?

Im Just Now Looking To Invest In a Few Companies To Make Some Money, I Just Have No Clue Where To Start.
#StockMarket #Business #investing #personal-finance #finance

Anayeli’s Avatar
Anayeli Feb 20, 2019 641 views

Is it a good choice to go out of state?

I want to go to Denver Colorado when I graduate from High School for college. But, a lot of people are telling me not to because of the cost. I never want to limit myself for money, but I don't want to drop out after the first year because of money. I'm not rich though, I am an average income...

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Feb 12, 2019 771 views

What careers in economics are there that involve being a part of a team?

I am very interested in economics, but worry if I get an economic degree, I will be stuck behind a desk doing research, or teaching. I enjoy being a valued member of a team or community, and wonder if there is #career in #economics that will allow for that. #business #college #college-major

Yailynne’s Avatar
Yailynne Feb 06, 2019 557 views

what is it the high league colleges look at

specific details like grades or do they look at some personal stuff, do they give feedback on what you should work on. #college-advice

Romelius’s Avatar
Romelius Jan 29, 2019 449 views

how long was your career

how was the work environment

jesus’s Avatar
jesus Jan 22, 2019 567 views

how much can i make with my position in the company?

being financially stable is the most important to me #finance #money

manuel’s Avatar
manuel Jan 15, 2019 1170 views

how did you keep motivated and keep focus?

#studying-tips #education #school need some skills #teaching #skills #college #motivation

cyana’s Avatar
cyana Jan 15, 2019 560 views

What was the hardest decision you had to make in order to pursue your career


Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jan 11, 2019 653 views

How much pressure and responsibility comes with owning a business?

#business #entrepreneur #business-management

Deonte’s Avatar
Deonte Jan 09, 2019 968 views

What did you study in college?

What did you study in college? #college-advice