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How much pressure and responsibility comes with owning a business?

Asked Oakland, California
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How much pressure and responsibility comes with owning a business?

Hi Nicholas:

I was hoping someone else who truly owns their own business would jump on this question. But, I will provide you with an answer from the “spouse” of someone who owns her own business.

For 25 years, my wife has owned her business(es). She has been in two totally different fields. She owned a Dental X-Ray laboratory for 20 years. And, she currently owns a real estate home staging business the past few years. The pressure and responsibility is immense. But, for her, the rewards are worth owning her own business.

As a business owner, my key observation of my wife for the past 25 years is… her work never goes away. She is working or thinking about her business all the time. She receives emails and text messages from clients and customers almost 24 hours a day. The first email / text message typically occurs early in the morning at 5:30 am and the last email / text message typically occurs around 12:30 am well after midnight. She is almost always on the clock working. The work never goes away. Not at dinner time. Not while on vacation. It’s constant. And, she also has the responsibility of several employees who work for her. She has to meet their needs, expectations, and payroll, too. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility owning your own business. (And, don't even get me started talking about the TAXES she has to pay !!)

But, the rewards are… she is her own boss. She makes the decisions. She sets her hours. She sets her goals. She does what she wants. She is accountable for EVERYTHING. And, she basks in the glory of creating something that is entirely hers.

On the other hand, I could never own my own business and have no desire to do so.

I enjoy having set hours and work expectations. I enjoy my company’s medical plan, 401K investment plan, paid holidays, pay raises, paid vacation, free parking, fresh office space, etc.

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