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What college is best for business?

I am a 17 year old student, who currently owns my own 'business' in a way. I would like to pursue business and be able to eventually own my own sneaker store. #business #entrepreneur #business-management

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4 answers

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Jack’s Answer

Hi Edmund,

To run a successful sneaker business, you’ll have to know about accounting, demand planning, marketing, sales & more. Any accredited school offering business degrees should have classes on these topics.

Like Michael said, a degree from a top school will help open doors for interviews, but since you want to be an entrepreneur, the name on the diploma will matter less than what you learn in your classes. I went to a smaller, less prestigious college & was able to get more opportunities (study abroad, leadership positions, etc) than I would have gotten in a larger/more competitive environment.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to have a strong network & good leadership qualities. Try to find some folks who are working on similar goals as yours, then look up their backgrounds online. If you find someone doing something extra clever or innovative, reach out to them & ask to learn from their experience.

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Francisco’s Answer

Hi Edmund!

I personally could recommend you the school I went to for my MBA which was Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Here you will find the Kelley School of Business which has some of the most prestigious business programs in the country at not crazy expensive prices. The professor staff is diverse and they are all experts in their field, they offer a lot of contact with the community and ways to make a difference and becoming a leader, as well as they love pushing the entrepreneurial potential in their students. I highly recommend this university and I would suggest you at least look into it to benchmark what your business school program should look like.

Let me know if you have more specific questions and I'll be happy to share what I can.

Best of luck!

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Moises’s Answer

Any Business College or University will do. Just remember, to become an entrepreneur, you need to take Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

Have faith and take action of your dream and it will happen.

God bless you.

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Michael’s Answer

There are the usual suspects

Wharton Business School

But if you are running your own business you don't really need to impress anyone. These options are super expensive.